Adobe MAX Conference

As I recall my first Adobe MAX conference, to where my design skills are now truly amazes me. During September 2020, my professor had us attend an outside lecture for a written paper to be submitted for a grade. I decided to attend one of the Adobe MAX conferences as they showcase new software updates, and as well as tips and tricks across multiple Adobe softwares. This conference was memorable for me especially since I was just a beginner in Graphic Design.

For the first session, Illustrator tips and tricks were showcased. At the time, I did not know Illustrator had so many effect options such as 3D, extrude, distort, gradient color ways, and many more. Back then, I thought that these effects were only possible with the Procreate on my iPad, which was eye opening, considering how versatile and how my design options multiplied within attending one session. I remembered how the designer constructed a layered cartoon village in a matter of minutes.

As 15–20 min sessions went by, I was truly astonished on how powerful the Adobe Softwares are. They showcased Photoshop, After Effects and many more. Upon the last session, involved the showcasing of Adobe Aero, where the presenter used Augmented Reality Technology to map around his workspace. He also demonstrated how to layer selected objects within the workspace. Coincidentally, this very conference session inspired me to base my next project in Augmented Reality with my Digital Media Class.

Overall, the conference was amazing! I learned a lot of new design tips and techniques, and even currently using this conference as inspiration for my current projects. I also noticed the level of diversity that was incorporated upon this virtual conference as most presentees were from other countries! I hope to join another Adobe MAX conference soon in the near future to further develop my skills and gather inspiration in which I would be able to implement in my future projects!



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