Flag Design vs Logo Design

As I watched the ted talk about flag design, it truly astonishes me upon how logo and flag design share similar design strategies. Flag design follows 5 steps to success guide: 1. Keep it Simple, 2. Use Meaningful Symbolism, 3. Use two to three Basic Colors, 4. No lettering or seals, 5. Be distinctive.

Now all of these perfectly align with Logo design although I would argue that numbers 3 and 4 would not apply upon logo design. This is due to the fact that most logos contain letterings either to the right of the logo or at the bottom. I would also argue that flag designs symbolism is much simpler than logo design’s symbolism. In logo design, the use of implied lines, negative space, texture, and many more are deeply considered. Furthermore, upon number 3 I would like to argue that in logo design, there are usually only 2 colors with varying gradients or tints compared ton flag design which has 3 options and are usually used as solid blocks without any type of color design such as gradients or 3D.

After watching the video, I feel more confident upon my logo design as sometimes I tend to overcomplicate things, and this is something that is not encouraged in logo design. I currently need more sketches, and this was definitely helpful inspiration wise. This video also sparked some ideas upon how I large my logo dimensions for my pamphlet should be as stated upon the video that it should be around one-inch square approximately.

In this video, I learned a ton upon flag design that would definitely be incorporated upon my logo design. Some old lessons reinforced would probably be numbers 1,2, and 5. As with multiple successful logos, many incorporate simple design, use meaningful symbolism to the organization, and is unique in its own way, and I will be sure to incorporate these well upon my logo design for my conference!



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