In the video, I found it most interesting upon how the speakers David Delgado and Dan Goods journey into NASA. Respectively David is a creative strategist, and Dan is the visual artists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) My thought process is somewhat similar to theirs in terms of being creative. I love how they were able to work their way into NASA by being themselves. One of the speakers created a bottle device that mimicked an exhaust. He then worked with band members in High school to develop a melody. This is super inspirational as they brought people together and made projects work!

I especially love the device they created that showcases information received from space and how much data we send over. Whenever anyone walks by it reminds them of the innovation that is currently evolving into something greater. For me it symbolizes evolution in which visually shows us in real time how much data or symbolically innovation that we obtain. This is very significant as this level of design takes multiple people to work together in which could later on care overall comprehensive/complex project.

Most of the information was new although one thing for sure that inspired me the most was their courage upon asking weird questions in a NASA interview. They claimed to prefer roles similar to their bottle exhaust projects. This eventually proved to be successful for they later on were very successful in NASA after 17 years! I aspire to be one of these people as well as I aspire to be UX designer in the future.

The project that I connected to the most was the Morse code space crate messaging. I was very moved by how they were able to get multiple participants all over the world. In summary, a spacecraft was hypothesized to receive Morse code and they essentially got people from all over the world to send Morse code to the spacecraft and create history. I believe that this where I had a moment of awe. It reminds me of the time in the summer of 2016, where in my opinion where we were as close to world peace as possible. This was the time period where Pokémon Go had recently released and everyone was outside exploring, communicating etc.

I also agree that they should be involved in the museum of Awe for all of their presented projects made have a moment of awe myself. I aspire to be just like them in the future, as this 25-minute presentation strongly suggests that they have a strong visual design background. A moment of awe for me is when something resonates with me on a certain deep level. I am then moved through emotionally connecting. I believe that this correlates to good experience design. Experience design is basically understanding a user to a certain level upon which the designer later on uses these same experiences or emotions to shape the final users experience. With their level of expertise, I am sure that they will be excellent directors/curator in this Museum of Awe and. Hope to visit one day!



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