After watching the video, some ideas and old knowledge surfaced. I never really viewed Apple this way and believed that it was all in their marketing and user-friendly UI that made them successful. Personally, I would say that I had some sort of background to communicate in this way, as I always try to empathize with users before a presentation. I would view things from their point of view and work on my presentation from there.

As for how I view the brands that I love, this is totally a game changer, for now I believe that I will try to view what their goal is before considering supporting them. Furthermore, this only strengthens what I believe my brand is for and that is to help a wide range of people succeed in their future endeavors.

My conference targets entrepreneurs that are seeking mentorship/advice that utilizes aspects of UX design beyond the screens to fully solidify their success. These entrepreneurs can range from people in tech, small business owners etc. To be more specific, I am trying to highlight efficiency and user experience in all scenarios, such as the system of a restaurant, the layout of an airport, the product placement of items in a grocery store, the escalator placement in malls. These are all UX related even though there aren’t any screens and I believe that we can take away the main UX aspects from these scenarios and transform them into a learning moment towards success.

Yes, I will try to incorporate aspects of this video upon my poster design. I believe that my current drafts are already strong as it contains symbolisms that express depth in which correlates in my overall theme, and that inspiration from this video will only make them even stronger than it is currently.



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