Presenting Design Response

After reading “13 ways Designers Screw Up Client Presentations”, I can definitely say that I have personally committed a couple of of these screw ups. The most notable one would probably be (no. 11 Reacting to questions as change requests). Looking back, I have probably done this a hundred times in online school during lockdown, to multiple professors in the industry, which is so embarrassing right now looking back.

Although this has also positive outcomes as I know now multiple presentation techniques/cultures such as when doing school work, the client/clients would definitely be the professor and the students in the class. Another notable presentation culture that was new to me was (no. 9 Mentioning typefaces) as it explains how to navigate a situation in the real world setting. I am very thankful for this article as I am a very direct person and sometimes do not understand hidden meanings such as not knowing when my audience is confused.

An information that is enforced of how I thought a brilliant presentation goes would be (no. 2 Not getting off your ass), as this segment aligns with a Medium article I recently wrote earlier this year (UX Design in PRESENTATIONS) The advice from the article reinforces my ideology of being confident in a presentation increases credibility and thus to project that credibility upon clients.

Being a Visual Communications Major at Seattle Pacific University, and having my toes dipped in the world of design, I would 100% agree with this article as it provides a strong sense of credibility since I am able to relate parts of it to my previous article that I thoroughly researched. Also, with restrictions lifting everywhere, it’s nice to know more about presentation culture, since being accepted into Seattle Pacific University’s Visual Communications Major, I have only been interviewed for work positions and internships online.



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